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If your spine was on your face, you’d take better care of it wouldn’t you?


If your spine was on your face, it would be part of your daily consciousness wouldn’t it? The dental profession has done such a great job teaching us to brush and floss our teeth every day and schedule regular visits with our dentist. But, while poor dental hygiene might leave you with a set of false teeth, it won’t kill you.


On the other hand, your spine and nervous system are a completely different story. You can’t replace either of them. If your spine and nervous system stop working, so do you!


If you experience back and neck pains, abnormal functions like asthma, allergies, chronic pain, fatigue or lowered immunity, you need to see Dr. David Noel! He is the regional expert on Active Release Techniques (ART) and accepts most insurance.


Today, millions of people around the world, including many here in San Jose, California, are making a better choice for their health and experiencing the benefits of quality Chiropractic care with Dr. David Noel.


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