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I can't say that I am new to chiropractic care. I have been seeing chiropractors regularly since I had a lower back injury in 1985. At that time I had tried medications and shots prescribed by my regular medical doctor, but I got no relief from the pain. After a trip to the emergency room and one more shot for pain, I returned home and called the first chiropractor listed in the Yellow Pages.

After just 2 adjustments I experienced relief from the pain I had endured for 6 months. And , with chiropractic care, I was fully recovered within 4 months!

When we moved to San Jose from Southern California one of my greatest concerns was finding a good chiropractor. There are many styles of chiropractic care and it was important to me to find the right one. I admit, I went to 3 chiropractors in the area before I found Dr. David Noel.

Dr. Noel is the right chiropractor for me! His careful examinations, his patience when listening to my concerns, his encouraging attitude and, of course, his skillful adjustments have helped me with numerous health issues.

My most troublesome condition now is my neck. After all these years of chiropractic care, I can recognize at once when I need and adjustment. I go to Dr. Noel and with 1 or 2 adjustments I'm fine again! I know there is a lot involved in getting successful treatment, but, after all these years, it's still like magic to me!

Both of my daughters, now in their 20's, have been treated by chiropractors since they were in elementary school. We just don't know how we'd get along without regular chiropractic care. It's something we do for ourselves!

I hope you will consider, try, and continue with chiropractic care as well!

Pam T.

As a pre-teen I fell down a flight of stairs, injuring my tailbone. For years I sat on a foam rubber 'donut'. The extent of my discomfort would fluctuate according to my activity, but was always there. Many years later, well into adulthood, I repeated that fall and finally decided it was time to do something, since the pain was more severe. For over 20 years I saw the same chiropractor and was treated and helped, in spite of some permanent damage due to the fall in my youth. Due to my chiropractor's illness, Dr. Noel treated me on occasion. I liked his technique, and particularly the way he spent time in diagnosing my particular condition at a specific time. I love to garden whenever I can get away from the office, and both activities, or lack thereof, are the cause of many of my visits to Dr. Noel. I appreciate Dr. Noel allowing me to see him when I'm most uncomfortable, and I respond well to his treatment. He has a people service personality, and he always encourages me. I don't know why anyone would choose to suffer pain when chiropractic is so painless and easy!

Millie E.

I had lower back pain for years. It seemed to be progressive and the pain was intense. It caused muscle spasms in my back, hips and legs. My condition interfered with my life in general. My back was very stiff when I got out of bed in the morning and it was painful to get in and out of the car etc. I was told I suffered from sciatica. I tried orthopedic specialists, traction and physical therapy and had short periods of partial relief.

My daughter referred me to Dr. Noel for chiropractic care. I did have serious doubts in the beginning due to past experiences. The gentle pressure and manipulation of Dr. Noel's technique is altogether different than what I had experienced before. Dr. Noel x-rayed and physically examined my spine. He recommended initial weekly adjustments then, as my condition improved, bi weekly treatments and presently monthly, unless I experience a 'flare-up'. Gradual improvement has continued over approximately 6 months of treatment. I am presently very much improved and have no debilitating muscle spasms.

I highly recommend Dr. Noel. Had I seen him earlier, I could have been spared a great deal of pain.

Wanda L.

Previously not being a believer, I was dragged into Dr. Noel's office by a tennis friend. I had extreme pain in my hips and back and had not been able to do anything for a month, including playing tennis, which I love. After seeing a physician initially, I was put on anti inflammatory drugs. They helped a little, but made me feel drowsy. I finally gave into my friend's prompting and came to see Dr. Noel during his 'Patient Appreciation Week'. He examined me and had a good idea of what was wrong. The next day I came in for x-rays and we could both see my unaligned vertebrae. Being very nervous and scared, Dr. Noel made me feel at ease with the adjustment, and told me everything he was doing. The next day I was 80-90% better with my pain. I have continued to see him for a few more adjustments, and continue to feel good. I would recommend him to any of my non-believer friends as well. Thank you Dr. Noel.

Janelle K.

For the past six months I've been having problems with my sciatic nerve. It usually started with a little pinch in my lower right side and gradually got worse, shooting pain down all of my right leg. I went to see my family doctor twice about it and all they ever did was prescribe pain killers. They never even took an x-ray, just told me to take the pain killers, ice it and rest until better. Well, with three kids, a dog and an active lifestyle, I just got fed up with it.

When I had my 3rd episode three weeks ago and was in quite a lot of pain, a good friend recommended me to go and see Dr. Noel. Her whole family has been treated by him for a few years now. I was very skeptical about seeing a chiropractor, but felt I had nothing to lose. As my friend put it: 'He's nice, it works, he's Canadian, plays hockey 'what else do you need to know?'

When I got to Dr. Noel's office, I didn't have to wait more than 5 minutes to be seen by him. He took a long time to examine my back, making me bend etc and suspected sciatica right away. He told me he could help me, but first he wanted to get an x-ray done. 30 minutes later he explained that my back is in great shape, and the problem of my pain was a nerve being trapped in my lower back. Apparently, my right hip has been a bit out of place for a long time and by 'adjusting' my hip and correcting it's misalignment, that it should take care of the pain. He did a few twisting adjustments with my back causing a few popping noises, and told me to go home and put ice on it and come back in 3 days. He told me that I probably would be sore the next day or two. He was right about that, and after he called me the next morning to see how I was doing, I needed to take some pain pills by the afternoon. Though I was very skeptical at that time, by Monday I felt much better, and I continued being seen 6 times over the past 2 weeks.

It's been almost three weeks now from my first visit with Dr. Noel, and I feel great. I'm back to running around with the kids, taking the dog for a walk etc. and I am looking forward to an active summer.

After being very skeptical in the beginning, I'm now convinced that chiropractic really works and I'll be sending all my friends and family his way. All I can say that if it really hurts after the first visit, don't give up on it, because it gets better quickly. I just wish I would have come here earlier.

Silvia S.

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